Descriptions of Mexican Plates

Burrito(bur-ee-toh) – Flour tortillas rolled around beef filling topped with cheese and tomato onion sauce.

Burrito Mexicano(bur-ee-to mex-i-can-o) – Flour tortilla filled with shredded pork, lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and cheese sauce.

Chalupas(shal-lu-paz) – Flat tortillas with refried beans sprinkled with cheese and topped with guacamole salad.

Chiles Rellenos(chee-lay rell-en-ohs) – Pepper stuffed with white cheese.

Chili Con Carne(chee-lay con car-ney) – Flat corn tortillas smothered with a mixture of ground meat, spices and jalapeno peppers sprinkled with cheese.

Enchiladas(en-chi-lad-dahs) – Tortillas rolled around ground beef topped with enchilada sauce and sprinkled with cheese.

Huevos(whey-vos) – Eggs

Nachos(na-choz) – Melted cheese with jalapeno peppers covering toasted tortillas.

Pico De Gallo(pee-koh de guy-oh) – Made with onions, jalapeno peppers and cilantro.

Quesadilla(case-a-dee-yah) – Fried Flour tortillas filled with cheese.

Tamales – (tah-mah-lays) – Tender beef wrapped in an authentic soft corn shell and topped with our seasoned ground beef, whole beans and mild sauce.

Tortillas(tor-tee-yahs) Thin corn pancakes used as a base for many dishes.

Tostadas(tohs-ta-dahs) – Flat tortillas with beef, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.

Tostaquac(tost-a-wak) – Flat tortillas with beef and beans, topped with lettuce and guacemole.